Victron Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000


Victron Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000Off-Grid solar inverter
The Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000 is a 48V 6kVA Inverter with 450VDC 4kWp PV input. It is used in off-grid solar applications where AC power is required.

Combination of an inverter, bi-directional DC-DC converter and MPPT
The inverter produces a perfect sine wave, able to supply high powered appliances. It is supplied by a bi-directional DC-DC converter, that can either charge the battery when excess solar power is available or convert from the battery when it is needed.

Wide MPPT voltage range
80 – 450VDC, with a 120VDC PV startup voltage.

Lightweight, efficient and quiet
Thanks to high-frequency technology and new design this powerful inverter weighs only 11kg. In addition to this, it has excellent efficiency, low standby power, and very quiet operation.

Display and Bluetooth
The display reads battery, inverter and solar charge controller parameters. The same parameters can be accessed with a smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device. In addition, Bluetooth can be used to set up the system and to change settings with VictronConnect.

VE.Can and VE.Direct port
For connection to a GX device for system monitoring, data logging, and remote firmware updates.

Built-in PV isolator
Both parallel PV strings connected to the MC4 plugs can be safely isolated with the large built-in switch on the bottom of the unit.

I/O Connections
Programmable Relay, temperature sensor and voltage sensor connections. The remote input can also be configured to accept the Victron miniBMS.

Configure and monitor with VictronConnect
A built-in Smart Bluetooth connection allows for quick monitoring or settings adjustment of the Inverter RS.

VRM Portal
When the Inverter RS is connected to a GX device with internet connection, you can access our free remote monitoring website (VRM). This will display all your system data in a comprehensive graphical format. System settings can be changed remotely via the portal. Alarms can be received by email.


Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000
DC Input voltage range 38 – 64 V (6)
Output Output voltage: 230 VAC ± 2%
Frequency: 50 Hz ± 0.1% (1)
Continuous output power at 25°C Increases linearly from 4800 W at 46 VDC
to 5300 W at 52 VDC
Continuous output power at 40°C 4500W
Continuous output power at 65°C 3000W
Peak power 9 kW for 3 seconds
Short-circuit output current 50A
Maximum efficiency 96.5% at 1 kW load
94% at 5 kW load
Zero load power 20W
Maximum DC voltage 450V
Nominal DC voltage 300V
Start-up voltage 120V
MPPT operating voltage range 80 – 450V (5)
DC input current limit
Maximum DC input current
18A (4)
Maximum PV input power 4000W
Maximum DC charging power 4000W
Earth leakage trip level 30 mA
Charge voltage ‘absorption’ (V DC) 57.6V
Charge voltage ‘float’ (V DC) 55.2V
Maximum charge current 100A
Battery temperature sensor Yes
Parallel and 3-phase operation No
Programmable relay (3) Yes
Protection (2) a – f
Data Communications Ports VE.Direct port and VE.Can port
General purpose analogue/digital
in port
Yes, 2x
Remote on-off Yes
Operating temperature range -40 to +65°C (fan assisted cooling)
Humidity (non-condensing) max 95%
Material & Colour steel, blue RAL 5012
Protection category IP22
Battery-connection M8 bolts
230 V AC-connection Screw terminals 13 mm² (6 AWG)
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions (hxwxd) 425 x 440 x 125 mm
Safety EN-IEC 60335-1, EN-IEC 60335-2-29,
EN-IEC 62109-1, EN-IEC 62109-2
Emission, Immunity
EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2
EN-IEC 61000-3-2, EN-IEC 61000-3-3
IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3
1) Can be adjusted to 60 Hz
2) Protection key:
a) output short circuit
b) overload
c) battery voltage too high
d) battery voltage too low
e) temperature too high
f) 230 VAC on inverter output
3) Programmable relay which can be set for general alarm, DC under voltage or genset start/stop
function. DC rating: 4A up to 35VDC and 1A up to 70VDC
4) Normal operation is regulated to 18A, with maximum reverse polarity protection 20A.
5) MPPT operating range is also constrained by battery voltage – PV VOC should not exceed 8x
battery float voltage, e.g. a 50V battery voltage maximum should have 400V maximum PV array.
– see product manual for further information.
6) Minimum start-up voltage is 41V. Inverter shutdown can be set as low as 32V DC, but may shut
down on low AC output voltage (due to load). Over-voltage disconnect is 65.5V. Charger setpoint
can be set to max 62V. The charge current derates above 57V.

Victron Inverter RS Smart Solar 48/6000