Determine your usage with our Energy Calculator

What to keep in mind when using the calculator:

Total sun power daily:

On an average day your total PV sun power generated is about 5.5 hours (South African conditions)

Hence a 3kw 230v system should generate 16Kwh per day. This is dependent on sunlight and panel positioning.Try to utilise energy efficient equipment, such as LED or CFL globes for lighting purposes. Install VSD’s to electrical pumps to reduce start up current. Replace standard electrical geysers with heat pumps. Where possible utilise gas ovens and hobs(stoves).

Graph peaks:

Keep in mind that the higher peak demands you have (Pumps, kettles, stove etc.) the faster it will drain battery power. Therefore correct battery sizing is very important when designing backup or off grid systems.

Our Calculator is available for download below:

Please ensure that you have one of the following as the calculator is saved in .xls format: MS Excel, Open Office Calc or Google sheets.

After the download is complete check your downloads for the calculator.xls file. Open the file and insert the values as are relevant. You may send the completed file to for a quote.