invt Gooddrive 100-PV Solar Pumping Inverter

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Product Introduction
DG100-PV series are inverters that INVT newly launches especially for solar pumping applications. compared with existing solar pumping inverters, the GD100-PV series improve the usability and performance and extend application voltage levels and power segments, In addition, the DG100-PV series provide users with options including the boost module, GPRS module, mobile App and provides protection level IP54 for applications in hostile environments.

Product Features

  • Cover voltage levels 200V AC and 380V AC, Support single-phase 220V and three-phase 220V/380V pumps, the power from 0.4kW to 37kW.
  • Easy to use, The inverters automatically start or sleep only after being connected to solar battery panels without any parameter setting.
  • Highly reliable for using multiple protective measures, including PV over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, and auto derating against over-temperature, which extend product life.
  • Use advanced MPPT algorithms, ensuring that the solar power tracking efficiency reaches 99%
  • Models of 2,2kW or lower can be configured with the boost module, meeting low-voltage work requirements. This reduces the use of solar battery panels and therefore the cost.
  • DG100-PV series can implement auto-switch between solar input and grid input by configuring the boost module or auto-switching cabinet (meeting lightning protection requirements), implementing 24-hour unattended work.
  • Support the configuration of the GPRS module, which implements remote parameter viewing and control by using the mobile APP.
  • Support the cabinet solution for level IP54.

Products Applications
Mainly used in agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert control, grassland animal husbandry and domestic water supply.

Product function parameters
Model -SS2 -S2 -2 -4
Max, DC input voltage (V) 440 440 440 800
Start-up Voltage (V) 200 200 200 300
Lowest working voltage (V) 150 150 150 250
Recommended DC input voltage range (V) 200-400 200-400 200-400 300-750
Recommended MPP voltage (V) 330 330 330 550
Rated output voltage (V) 220 (1PH) 220 (3PH) 220 (3PH) 380 (3PH)
Output frequency range (Hz) 0-400
MPPT 99%
Installation manner Wall Mounting/Rail Mounting/Flag Mounting
Environment temperature -10°C~+50°C
If the ambient temperature of the inverter is above 40°C,
derate 2% for every additional 1°C
Altitude Below 1000m
If the sea level is above 1000m
derate 1% for every additional 100m
Cooling manner Forced cooling
Protection level IP20; IP54 (Cabinet)